Tyrone Johnson

Worship Pastor | Singer-Songwriter | Recording Artist

"Pure tone. Precise intonation. Clear delivery. Passionate yet elegant with every phrase. These are the qualities of a great vocalist. These are the qualities of Tyrone Johnson. His every syllable comes across as an exercise in contemplation without any loss of spontaneity and creativity. Never one to waste notes, Tyrone is a truly gifted vocalist who must be heard to be fully appreciated. Do yourself this pleasure."

- Derrick Horne, Yokebreaker Productions

"Every once in a while, if we are fortunate, we experience something so pure that it resonates with us in a deep way. Such is the voice of Tyrone Johnson.  Whether he is serving up some smooth Jazz or leading worship, his heart and soul draws us together through music.  Tyrone is a great friend.  I am honored to know and serve with him."

- Jan Sampeck, Worship Arts Pastor, Chase Oaks Church

"I have had the privilege of playing alongside Tyrone for five years, and he still pulls out ideas and vocal melodies that are so good, I can't help but laugh. He is very versatile and has honed his skill, as well as his vocal control, to near-perfection. His personality, confidence and energy shine bold both on and off stage. Tyrone is genuine, and I am thankful for his consistent talent and friendship that only get deeper with time."

- Jordan Ray Landers, musician, bassist

“Tyrone Johnson is one of my dearest friends. He was worship leader at the last church I pastored and now leads worship on our ministry’s Israel and Greece study tours. God has given him a truly amazing voice and an incredible heart. He manifests Jesus in all he does. To know him is to be drawn closer to our Lord. I love him and thank God for him.”

 Jim Denison, Co-Founder, Denison Forum on Truth and Culture, Dallas, TX

“Tyrone is the real deal. Smooth as silk and his jazz chops are evident in all the right ways. Our people love Tyrone and there is no other artist easier to work with.”

- Trent Blackley, Minister of Music, First Baptist Church of Rockwall, TX

“Tyrone is my mentor. He makes the environment one of inclusiveness where we are allowed and persuaded to truly let go and take part in authentic worship. His leadership and genuine desire for others to know Jesus is evident. I am thankful to worship alongside him and humbled to call him my friend.”

- Brittany Carpenter, Chase Oaks Church, Worship Team Member

Booking: tyrone@tyronejohnson.com